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Founded in 2019, ClevvGarde is a Health Care Serious Game development company

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Apprentissage à distance

Serious Gaming

The new revolution in educational training

After MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

and SPOC (Small Private Online Course), Serious Gaming is the next stage of eLearning. It combines the recreational activity of video games with the medicine.

With that, the quality of the training is improved, and health care quality continues to progress, at the service of the  quality of life of patients.

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Three major interests of Serious Game in Heath Care:

  • Patients education, for a better understanding of their pathology

  • Support for medical diagnosis

  • Initial and continuous training of health care professionnals to respect the ethic : "Never the first time on the patient"

ClevvGarde specialises in Serious Games aimed at initial and continuous training of health care professionnals

Serious Game

in Health Care

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Accueil: L'équipe
Réunion d'équipe

The team

Developpers with video games and programming experience, to maximise the benefit of video games,

vital component of Serious Games.

An executive team with experience in medical sciences and health care, and development and programming in video games.


A Strategic Orientation Board with three experts:

  • Pr. Daniel Rougé, former dean of the medical faculty of Toulouse

  • Jean-Jacques Romatet, former director of Toulouse and Marseille's Hospitals

  • Dr. Frédéric Daumas, entrepreneur, coach and BA

Our partners

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