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Interrogatoire Sim2D_edited.jpg

Consult simulation virtualising clinical cases for

dental student to learn clinical reasoning

For the students
  • Dynamic conversation with the patient

  • Complete oral-dental examination

  • Many clinical cases available, so you can iterate and train on a lot of different situations

  • Intuitive interface as close as possible from a real situation

  • Automatic evaluation of your clinical reasoning

For the teachers
  • Intuitive, simple of use, and quick assistant of creation of clinical case

  • Create as many clinical cases as you want

  • Transform an existing clinical case to a Serious Game quickly and simply

  • Fast creation of the evaluation based on the principle of the Script Concordance Tests

Automated evaluation
  • Based on the Script Concordance Test


  • of the conduct of the consultation


  • of the generation and treatment of diagnostic hypothesis


  • of the final diagnostic and response plan


  • Immediate results, with ratings indicating how is improving

Eval Sim2D.jpg


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